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Het Weer, Belgium's most respected weather forecast

Why our good taste changes with the weather.

The weather affects your mood. Colour and design also evoke moods, think of a Rothko painting. So as the weather changes, our design adapts its mood accordingly.

The floating frame and cube were a given. We came up with the adaptive background concept and the graphics inside the frame. The idea is that the background colours, based on real landscape photography, are an abstract representation of the actual weather (and thus mood); the horizon – as an omnipresent reference point – being the element of continuity in every weather condition.

Every background is based on a photograph of the actual day. From day one viewers started sending their own pictures, hoping they would be used in the 'live moodboard' for that day.

For the graphics we created simple icons with little colour accents, to not disturb the colourful backgrounds. Also, Het Weer is broadcasted on the VRT channel Eén, but in a short version also on Canvas. So the graphics not only had to fit the VRT brand, but they also couldn't conflict with the Eén or the Canvas brand.

In our view, being adaptive and ever-changing can be as steady as the horizon.